Leon Gossler & Ran Malka’s story is quite incredible. Gossler suffered from a sever head injury caused by a car accident in 2005 and Malka was diagnosed half deaf at the age of 16. Despite all the difficulties, they managed to write music and release it (separately in various projects) on all kinds of major electronic labels, from Hommega to Spinning’. During 2015, after a 6 years writer’s block, Gossler invited Malka (who was his good friend since the 90’) to his studio to get his opinion on a new sketch he wrote. Malka felt that something unique is happening in the studio and started to visit there more often. The collaboration between the two friends turned out to be very productive and led to several impressive tunes that are already played by leading Psytrance artists around the world. The project first name was ‘Misfits’ but it didn’t last and was changed to ‘Originals’ as a positive change of perception. The duo is expected to release their debut album in 2018 in Hommega records and expected to lead the new generation of the label’s artists after it’s 20th anniversary celebrations.